3 Ways To Advance Your Nursing Career

Nursing is an extremely challenging yet very rewarding career that is often both fulfilling and lucrative. In order to become a nurse, you already attended a rigorous college degree program as well as certification exams and practicum hours. Just because you have been a registered nurse for a while, however, doesn't mean it's time to become complacent. Continuing to work hard at advancing your career means that you can earn more money and possibly move into a more specialized role. Here are three practical ways to advance your nursing career:

Take Online CME Courses

Many universities and nursing colleges now offer online continuing medical education (CME) courses. These CME courses will help you earn additional college credits, possibly towards a master's degree or specialized certification. For example, you may decide to take CME courses in specialties like pharmacology or anesthesiology, allowing you to apply for high-paying specialized nursing roles.

Online CME courses are designed for working medical professionals, which means they typically offer a lot more flexibility than traditional college courses and you can most likely complete your lessons, discussions, tests, and essays at your convenience each week. In some cases, your employer may even help pay for these classes. If you're interested in taking these CME courses, consider calling a company like Pulmonary and Sleep Academy to get started.

Attend Nursing Conferences

Another simple but effective way to advance your nursing career is to attend as many nursing and medical field conferences as possible. This is a great way to learn about nursing roles and areas of expertise you may not otherwise be exposed to. In addition, nursing conferences are an excellent way to network, make new professional connections, and possibly learn about new opportunities at other hospitals and medical facilities. In many cases, your employer will sponsor your attendance as most hospitals want their nurses to continue their education in this way.

Join Nursing Associations

Another idea you shouldn't overlook is joining nursing associations. Nursing associations are designed to provide career support, networking, continuing education, and even mentorship opportunities for nurses.

The annual dues tend to be reasonable, and your association memberships will help your resume stand out if you decide to apply for a new nursing position. You may also have the opportunity to take on a leadership role within the association, which can help you hone your management and executive leadership abilities.

By following these tips, you will soon be on the path to an even more rewarding nursing career.

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